Station 1

Station 1 is located at 5701 N. Clinton st. at the intersection of Clinton st. and Grant Ave.  This station serves as our headquarters and primary training facility.

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Our former fire house is located on Park Ave just east of Lafayette Ave.  This fire house was built in the 1960's and was intended to house one fire truck.  Since then, the department has expanded to meet stricter requirements made by our government as well as adding and upgrading equipment so we are better prepared to serve our township residents.

Engine 1

Engine 1 is a 1999 Freightliner FL80.  This truck is equipped with a 1,500 gpm pump and a 1,250 gallon tank.  

Recently, the transmission was upgraded from a worn out 7-speed manual transmission to a new 5-speed automatic transmission.  Following the transmission upgrade, all the exterior emergency lights were upgraded to an all LED light package.

Squad 1

Squad 1 is a 2005 Freightliner M2 equipped with a 750 gpm pump and 750 gallon tank.  

This truck is first due on EMS calls, trash fires, brush fires, haz-mat incidents and automobile accidents.

Rescue 1

Rescue 1 is a 1999 International Heavy Rescue. 

This truck carries a 10kw PTO generator, 6-bottle cascade system, and telescoping light tower.  It also carries equipment used for haz-mat incidents, rope rescue, vehicle extrication and EMS and mass trauma/casualty incidents.

Tanker 1

Tanker 1 is a 1997 Ford F450. It is equipped with a 1,250 gpm pump and 1,250 gallon tank.

In 2013 a dump tank was added in place of its ladders and was reassigned to Tanker 1 from Engine 4.