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Recent Alarms

Aircraft Crash

On 8/25/2016 just after 7:00 pm Otter Creek Fire Dept. was called to the scene of an Aircraft crash into a house. OCFD personnel removed 2 patients from the Aircraft and were both flown to undisclosed hospitals. The crash remains under investigation. 


Rosnett Enterprises Fire

On June 2nd, OCFD was dispatched to 5052 N 13th st for reports of a fire.  Upon arrival personnel found approximately 1,000 pallets and several semi trailers on fire.  Big thanks to Terre Haute Fire Dept, Seelyville, Sugar Creek, New Goshen, and Shepardsville fire departments for their assistance with this fire.

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Country Rhodes/OCFD Dinner

 On April 30, OCFD hosted a Country Rhodes dinner at Station 1 on Clinton St.  There was a fantastic turnout, serving just short of 700 people!


Chief's Desk

Motorcycle Safety


Safety is very important when riding a motorcycle! Whether you are a new rider or you are an experienced rider, it is always best that you take a motor cycle safety and training course. Depending on what state you are from, it may be the law that you take and complete these courses. Check with your local DMV to see if you live in a state the requires these courses. Indiana law requires would-be motorcycle riders to first obtain a learner's permit, and then pass a motorcycke skills test. If your state does not require you to take them, it is best that you as a responsible driver take and complete them.

Motorcycle Gear is the most important safety aspect of motorcycle riding.

Before taking your bike out for a ride, make sure that everything on your bike is in good working condition.
*Be sure to check your motorcycle:
Tires- Look for any cracks or bulges, look for any tread wear and check your tire pressure
Under your motorcycle- Look for any oil or gas leaks
Check Lights- Make sure all your lights are working properly, test the high beam and low beam
Fluids- levels should be checked on a weekly basis
Clutch and Throttle- make sure they work smoothly
Look at you mirrors- check your mirrors for cleanliness and for any crack
Test your brakes
Toot your horn

Make sure that you as the driver is in good condition for driving, for example don't drive if you are sleepy, anger, distracted in any way and especially if you have been drinking.
You as the driver of that motorcycle should always be prepared for the unexpected. Always watch the other drivers, never assume the other driver sees you. Nearly two-thirds of all motorcycle related accidents are because a driver is violating a rider's right of way. Make sure you have your lights on at all times while riding.
* Make yourself visible
Always remember that motorists often don't see a motorcycle soon enough to react
Make sure you have your lights on at all times
Wear clothing that is visible day or night
If you are slowing down or going to stop, flash your brakes ahead of time
Use your horn if a motorist doesn't see you
Always wear a helment
Wear bright clothing
Proper eyewear for riding
Its best to wear long sleeves, pants, boots and gloves
Always remember, the only thing between you and the road is your protective `
Always be prepared for road condition changes
Space, always give yourself time to respond
Make sure and ride in the part of the lane you are most visible
Watch for turning vehicles
Signal in advance
Don't weave between lanes
Ride defensively
Make sure you are well rested and have not been drinking
Obey the speed limit
Always expect the unexpected

Remember, serious head injuries are common among fatally injured motorcyclists. Always wear a helmet!

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